Smart Farming Tools

The spread of innovative technologies for agriculture requires the training of professionals: it is very important they are able to use these new tools and interpret data for supporting them to optimize production and reduce waste.   

Vegetation indexes for crop monitoring

The spread of digital technologies in farms has led to an increasing use of vegetation indices, such as NDVI, for crop control by using remote sensing. Vegetation indices are calculated thanks to data collected from drones or satellites. Commonly used satellites have regular acquisition intervals, such as 5 days (Sentinel 2) or 16 days (Landsat […]

Field data collection: crop scouting

Crop scouting is the on-field monitoring of plant diseases and crop damages: it is carried out by farmers and technicians in order to make decisions based on the data collected. The most frequent question when carrying out the crop scouting is: how many points do I need to observe in the field to have a […]

Forecast Model for Agriculture

In agriculture, the need to combat harmful diseases and infestations in a timely manner has led to the creation of forecasting models capable of estimating the plant's behaviour and the advent and development of certain phytopathologies. These forecasting models are based on constantly collected meteorological and climatic data, considering the main factors that influence these […]

Weather forecasts and virtual weather stations

Work organisation and medium- to long-term decisions in agriculture are based on weather forecasts and seasonal or climatic trends in the area. Weather data are therefore fundamental, and all the more important given that they enable farmers and technicians to rely on forecasting models to calculate phenology, plant diseases, irrigation and nutrient balances. Consequently, it […]

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